1. "Hi," she said as we both passed each other.
    I could not react, I didn’t want to.

    Maybe one day our worlds will intertwine,
    But for now we are in different times.

    It was better this way.
    I felt better this way.


  2. Numb melodies to dense the void that is your soul.

    To combine the feeling of hopelessness from a weary mind with the admiration of a young blissful child, looking upon a figure of their admiration.

    The heaviness from these combined sounds pulls you to the ground, and as you stare at eyes of the ceiling, you notice that too much light has the ability to faint the beauty of darkness. And that darkness, ultimately, fills us all.


  3. The Idiot.

    A perfect listen during a summer night in your room, as if there were a sort of erratic dance music festival with only your favorite buddies, your heart and silhouette, that are present with you.

    Your silhouette, desperately trying to keep in touch with your empty being, is overwhelmed but you are unconcerned; the sound of confusion has put you in a daze. Your heart in sync to the ceiling fan’s revolutions, forgetting what was not meant to be remembered as you attempt to move to the melancholic, yet collected melodies of The Idiot.

    This album totally has a nonchalant mood while having a subtle dark, energetic atmosphere to its songs; all while giving you an image of a shirtless Iggy.

    One of my favorite albums to listen to when I just want to sit and relax for a while.

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  4. shoegazekid:

    Anatomy of genres #shoegaze

    Quite accurate.

    But wait, where’s the vacuum cleaner in shoegaze?


  5. Never Meant.

    Suddenly the weight of many worries lifted out of my shoulders,
    and the many questions that filled my perplexed mind flowed out of my head, out through my major orifices. 

    "You’ll be fine," she said.

    Something to release some feelings to: American Football - American Football.

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